Statistical analyses

CEN Biotech has a recognized expertise in biostatistics and their application in epidemiological studies, pharmacoepidemiology, health economic and clinical research.

CEN Biotech may contribute also in a clinical study already performed and for which results analysis was not adequately conducted or for which further investigations are required.

Here is a list of expertise CEN Biotech:

  • Calculation of sample sizes;
  • Descriptive Statistics;
  • Parametric and nonparametric tests;
  • Tests of equivalence and non inferiority;
  • Descriptive multidimensional analyses:
  • Generalized linear models;
  • Nonlinear models;
  • Mixed Models;
  • Survival analysis (Cox regression, Kaplan Meier and actuarial);
  • Meta analysis;
  • Psychometric assessment of evaluation questionnaire